Friday, February 19, 2010

Our Little Valentines!

Valentine's Day takes on a whole new meaning when you are grandparents!
As you can see we have

Jaden made us a special Valentine's Treat!!! 

and Taylor's presence was a Valentine's gift in itself!!!

(editor's note:  yea, this post was hanging in the work in progress folder....oooops!)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

keeping busy....staying happy....

It's been forever again since I have blogged.......because it has been FOREVER since I have done anything worthy of blogging! 

Actually I have been very busy at the studio......We celebrated our 5th Anniversary with a BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION......BISQUE IT style!!

Now I am just ready for Winter to be over.....I have been very patient, and even thankful for the mild winter.....but.....ENOUGH!!!!  I want sunshine....I want 60's (not even gonna ask for 70's yet)....I want Spring Jackets (will hold off on flip flops).....Just let me put away the snow shovel!

I am gearing up for the Home & Garden show next weekend: Thursday thru Sunday.  This is the 4th year we have done this event.  It is a busy weekend, profitable weekend, fun weekend, and exhausting weekend!  So thankful that Max takes a week's vacation to help me out and thankful that mom and dad pitch in to help too!  It's a Family Affair!  (Cindy, I can use your help too, the hours you aren't working your real job!)

Here are a few miscellaneous pictures of happenings this winter:

One of my NEW FAVORITE things

Edamame  - fancy name for soy beans!  They are delicious and fun to eat!

Sushi....YUMMMM....and before you turn up your doesn't mean raw fish.  I like the California Roll which does NOT have raw fish.  Everything you see here on my plate has been cooked!

My Little Picasso!
Jaden came into Bisque It during the "Birthday Celebration" and painted her FREE heart!  I just love to watch her concentrate on her painting.  And the best part.....she really knows the process!  She will squirt out her paint and say, "just a little bit, right gramma J"  and see how she keeps her paint brushes separtated by color!  And she is always proud of her work!  Won't be long and she will be teaching her little sister how to "Create It."

Right now this is about the best Taylor can do as for as "Creating It" at Bisque It. 
She is quite the "handprint artist" and such a happy painter!  Notice my little helper there?  
Like I said, Jaden  knows the process! 

One last thing that has kept me busy for about 2 weeks.  I have been giving my kitchen table a makeover.  We have not had this table very long....3 years?  I thought we were getting a good table for the price we had to pay.  However after about 6 months, maybe a year, the top started to check.  And then there were water rings.  Basically the top finish was coming off.  I liked the table, searched a long time to find a countertop height table to fit our dining area, so I wasn't ready to get rid of it.  As you can see I opted to paint the top.  First I had to sand off the you can see there were quite a few spots that were almost bare.  After 3 coats of paint I applied 3 coats of Polyurethene-like finish.  I like the finished look, but think I am going to try another finish on it to be more durable....we'll see, time will tell.  One thing for sure...DEFINITE IMPROVEMENT!  I will post some finished pictures someday....don't hold your breath!  And hopefully this summer I can redo the kitchen countertop!

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