Monday, April 6, 2009

Miss J Monday

Jaden has been having so much fun lately at Bisque It that she has not had time to do her "Miss J Monday."
As soon as we had a nice SPRING day we grabbed the sidewalk chalk and headed out back! (Obviously it wasn't today....snow in April????)

"I had fun drawing pictures with Maw!!"

During Spring Break Jaden had fun painting with her cousins, Ava and Jack. If I knew how to determine first, second, third, once, twice, thrice removed, etc., then I could tell you their exact relationship, but I think we will leave it at cousins! (Ava and Jack's mom is my first cousin if someone wants to figure out their relationship.)

During their "paint date" we ordered Pizza and had some play time too! As you can see Jack was not gonna be any part of "ballerina dancing".

"I had fun playing with Ava and Jack! Thanks for teaching me how to be a ballerina, Ava! Jack, you painted a neat bluegill, thanks for letting me add the blood! Maybe we can plan a day at the zoo for our next play date!"

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