Thursday, June 11, 2009

Real men love to Scrapbook

There are so many things that happen on a daily basis that I think I will blog, but then the day, week, month gets away from me. At this rate I will never get to my 100th post, but I will sure have fun trying!

If you are a regular reader, you know I really like scrapbooking. I fiddle with it a little bit at home in my "apartment". (Max named it this because I have everything i need to survive in one room: computer, tv, scrapbooking set up, and even the kitchen sink...Jaden's little Strawberry Shortcake kitchen!) But I do have to say my favorite part about scrapbooking is getting together with friends and family for a full day of "scrappin". Of course we cant do our scrapbooking if we don't do a little shopping too. Recently mom and I took a 2 hour drive to Plymouth to check out a scrapbook store. To our surprise, dad and max decided to go along for the ride! The owner of this store knows how to make the customers happy:
With comfort like this....leather sofa, foot massagers.....they never knew we were there for 2 hours!

Maybe Lowe's and Home Depot should take a lesson from the scrapbook store owner.....give us ladies a place to get a pedicure, glass of wine, massage and we will be happy to tag along....heck we would probably suggest a weekly trip to the hardware!!


Shannon said...

HILARIOUS!!! Maybe I could get Mike to go scrapbook shopping with me! I seriously can't stop laughing at that picture!!

Pat said...

I really need a hard copy of that pic, NOT for the scrapbook, but for on the TV ...... and, yep, I could tolerate Lowe's or Home Depot for a pedicure.

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