Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fort 4 Fitness

If you live in or near Fort Wayne I am sure you heard about the 2nd Annual Fort 4 Fitness.
My brother, my dad, Max, and I participated in the 4 mile walk/run in September.
We set a good walking pace for the first 3.9 miles, at 4mph.
The final 10th we ran across the finish line together!
It was a lot of fun.....even if we did have to be in downtown Fort Wayne at 7 a.m.!!

Here we are in our starting corral with 4996 other walkers and runners.

This is after the first turn....the pack is still heavy with walkers and runners. After about 1 mile the pack split, some went off on the 1/2 marathon.

Here we are coming into Parkview Stadium in downtown Fort Wayne! Now I know what the Olympians feel like entering the stadium at the Opening Ceremony.
(I know, not even close, but let me dream..hehe)

Overall the event was a great experience and we are looking forward to participating in it again next year. We are already recruiting for our "team"! Want to join us? :)
I don't know if this link will work, but give it a try and see the Official Finish!

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Shannon said...

Congrats!! I'll be right there with you guys next year!

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