Friday, January 8, 2010

Welcome to 2010

First I want to invite everyone to a first....well a first for me because I have never seen or been invited to a BLOG PARTY

You can get to the party by clicking on this link:

If you know Shannon, it should be FUN!


I don't really make New Year's Resolutions, but I can't help reflecting on the past year and thinking about what I want to do, accomplish this year. Does that make them resolutions? I would rather think of them as goals and projects!


1. Give my "apartment" a makeover. (It is work in progress right now, and when I get it all done I will post pictures. You won't believe the transformation! Shannon, you can't share my before pictures!) I was going to post a link here back to my first post about my "apartment" but I can't find it. Have to work on that, I guess.

2. Makeover for Jaden & Taylor's rooms. (Shannon and the girls are going to help with this project. I am looking at it being a spring through summer makeover)

3. Become one with QuickBooks. (This is a must for my bookkeeping/accounting for the business, but NOT something I am looking forward to doing. I really need to find a new accountant....someone that can talk basic accounting/tax, not charge me by the MINUTE, and preferably not too nerdy. I must note here that I am so lucky to have Judy to help me with my quarterly filings, THANKS JUDY!)


1. PROJECT LIFE ~ I am so excited about this project! I am sure I will be posting a lot about it this year. Basically, it is a scrapbook of a year of my life. It is a kit set up for you to take a picture everyday along with a daily journal.

It is quite a challenge to come up with a picture each day, but that is the whole idea behind this project.......not just capturing special events but the every day things in your life. Just a week into it and I am having fun!

2. Scrapbooks ~ I want to get up to date on my regular scrapbooking. I started this project by taking my Christmas pictures and getting a "Christmas Book" started. Almost finished with 2009 Christmas then will go back and add 2008 and 2007. I am also planning to attend a scrapbooking event each month...this should get me on the right track along with working in my new apartment!

That pretty much covers the upcoming year for me! Stayed tuned to see how it goes, and I hope to run into you tomorrow at SHANNON'S BLOG PARTY!!


Shannon said...

I'm ready to tackle Project Life!!!

Elizabeth said...

Hey! What does that mean?!?! An accountant who's not too nerdy? I was starting to get offended, and then I realized that you just want to find an extroverted accountant as opposed to an introverted one. Do you know the difference?

Elizabeth said...

An introverted accountant is someone who looks at their shoes when they talk to you. An extroverted accountant is someone who looks at YOUR shoes when they talk to you.

Yes, that is courtesy of my favorite accountant. ☺

Gramma J said...

tell Scott thanks for the tip.....I will be on the "look"out when I go in search of an accountant! (I knew there had to be some "normal" accountants out there, glad you found one;) )

Max Teders said...

Do you want an accountant that eats sushi? Would that be too nerdy?

Elizabeth said...

I agree, Max. That is too nerdy...that's why I refuse to go eat sushi with him. I have an image to uphold. ☺

Gramma J said...

Sushi eating accountant...PERFECT! Scott scores another point!

nandmmom said...

Linked up with you from Scrapbookers Innercircle, can't wait to get going with Project Life.

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