Thursday, September 18, 2008

Small Claims saga continues....

If anyone needs representation in small claims the time I am through I will be a professional! Getting my degree from "School of Hard Knocks" (Ashley I would be happy to give you some help with your LSATS! ;)

I had my court date.....and as i figured, she didn't show. Heck, I didn't even get to see the judge.....all those hours watching Judge Judy....wasted!

Ok, so she is in contempt of court for not showing and I win by default! I figured this means I get the money, right? uh..yea...if only it were that easy! Let me tell you right now, if you are going to file a claim in small claims court you better be ready to invest a lot of time: paperwork, notification, tracking down info, and many trips to the courthouse!

Well if you know me, I finish what I start. I have learned to choose my battles wisely, but once the fight begins we will take it to the end! This one has become principle now. If I just let it go from here it ends....I don't get anything, she gets off the hook, and the court just files the paper away.
I choose to battle so.....I sent her a letter telling her she is in contempt, please pay, or I will follow the next steps the court allows. Court says I have to allow her 10 days. Those days have come and gone and then some! I decided to go to court yesterday and file the next I called the courthouse. No answer. I missing a holiday? It's noon so I figured being a government building they all just walk away from the phones for their lunch hour. (Not surprising they have no reason to be convenient for tax payers but that's another blog). I give up on the phone call....I'll worry about it another day. Then for the heck of it I decide to give this lady who stuck me for over 100 bucks a call....she never answers my calls but I figure I can leave a nice little message again!
Lo and Behold....she answers!!! Well to keep a story that is already long, less long......she says she will be in on Tuesday to pay! She gives me this song and dance about it was a bad time and by the time she had the money I had already filed. right....I gave her 30 days and several options. So do I hold my breath? heck no! But I can't help I am an optimist and I think she will pay up. I won't cry when she doesn't show up.....I will just go to the court house and be one step closer to the body attachment!


fuzbukt said...

hmmmm.... A pit bull with lipstick!

Max Teders said...

Well, did she show on Tuesday?

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