Sunday, September 21, 2008

Say Cheese!!! :D

Friday night was our monthly meeting of our Scrappin' Club! Hey, girls, we really have to come up with a name for "the club". We had a new scrapper this month...hope you had fun, Kelly! Also joining in the fun was Krista, Laura, Shannon, Mom and me....oh and Jaden and Seth were guests for awhile!

It was another fun filled day! We met at the studio again.....and as in the past, plenty of good food! Funny thing....many of us were "cheesy". We had so much cheese......Shannon made strawberry cheesecake, Kelly made a cheeseball, Mom also made a cheeseball, Krista made a veggie pizza that had the cream cheese base, and I brought sliced cheeses and meat roll-ups filled with, yep, cream cheese! Jerry (of Tom & Jerry) would have been in heaven! Thanks to Laura we had some variety....she made peanut butter chocolate bars....think Reese's Peanut Butter cups. Late in the evening we made a run to Dunkin Donuts for an Iced Latte. Kelly didn't have her fill of cheese....she ordered a pizza!

But it was a night of scrappin too....and boy can some of these girls scrap! Krista was flipping through the pages so fast she didn't even take time to ring the bell......I think she finished 17 pages! I know Shannon was in double digits too and Laura might have been too. Mom and I had a little trouble getting into gear.....I completed 2 whole pages and mom did two pages and a couple of cards. I should get double credit though because Krista copied my two pages. times and already looking forward to next month at Krista's!

And to top off the weekend I am in Columbus, Ohio at a "Pottery Painting Camp". Mom is with me and boy are we getting a lot of great ideas and new techniques to bring into the studio just in time for the holidays! I will post some pictures once I get my samples fired.

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Shannon said...

Kelly and I talked last night and decided that we DEFINITELY need some variety in the food next time... or some wine to go with the cheese! Both of our stomachs were in knots! Worth it though... we had a blast and are looking forward to 10/17 at Krista's! For the record, I got 10 pages done :o)

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