Sunday, October 5, 2008

Super Saturday....

Saturday was a day jam packed with fun!

My day started with a pancake breakfast at Eastside Park, just behind our house. It was a chilly morning, frost on the ground, but the brisk morning air was nice....and just made the hot pancakes and sausage taste even better! The event was a benefit for Vascular Disease. Mom and Dad were helping with the event so I was happy to support it....and everyone knows that Grampa Wayne makes the best pancakes!

Following breakfast it was on to the zoo! Shannon and Jaden took me as their guest for a final trip to the zoo this season. Thanks, Miss J, I had a blast. It was a beautiful fall day and the zoo is decorated for their annual fall halloween festival. The animals were very active too. The cutest thing was how Jaden pretty much lead the tour! She sure knows her way around that place. She even helped by pushing the wagon....which basically was just to hall around our stuff. Also along on the trip was Jaden's cousin-to-be, Marissa. The two girls are just too cute together.

Feeding the ducks was one of the highlights of the day.....Jaden started "quacking" before we even got to the duck pond!

After the zoo we met up with Marissa's mom, Kelly, at Pizza Hut. Just the mention of pizza had Jaden chanting "pizza, pizza" while pumping her fists in the air! That was enough to do the little girl in, it was back to their house for a little nap. Unfortunately, I wasn't one of the lucky ones to get a nap.

The third event of the day was the District Marching Band Contest at Homestead High School. I have been trying all season to get to one of Tabitha's competitions. (It brought back a lot of memories from when Shannon was in marching band. ) Tabitha, you were have a great band that is going to continue to get better each year! Congrats on the Gold....good luck at Regional!

You would think that was enough for one day....heck, enough for two Saturdays, but nope....after band competition we went out for supper, glad you were able to join us, Max!
Gee....did I just have 3 meals out today?
Then we ended the night with some dominoes at Mom and Dad's. It was just before midnight when we got home so the day was definitely jammed packed with fun!
Then to finish off the weekend, Sunday Shannon, Jaden, and I made another trip to the Vera Bradley sale! We got in line at 8:40 with about 500 people in front of us. Jaden showed she was a real trooper learning the ropes of shopping. She stood, sat, played in line for an hour and half with us. Then she zipped around the place in her stroller....she caught on quickly too, she was pulling things off the table like a veteran! And a smart shopper too, she got a cell phone holder to match her Vera Bradley purse!
Phew.....that wraps up my weekend as I sit here on the couch watching Desperate Housewives. I do believe it is time to say Good Night!


Krista said...

Wow...that is a crazy day! Sounds like lots of fun though!

stock investing advice said...
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Shannon said...

Definitely one of the BEST weekends we've had! Thanks for joining us at the zoo... and helping me keep an eye on those girls!

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