Monday, October 6, 2008

Ingenious Idea

I have a great idea....inspired by Shannon.
And since I haven't figured out a way to sell it, I am gonna share it with you at no charge!

How many of you have a birthday in the winter and wish it was summer? Is your birthday too close to another holiday that it gets lost in the shuffle? Are you sharing your birthday with someone else and wishing you had your own day? Have you gone to a birthday party and thought, "I wish this was my birthday, it's the perfect time of the year!"?

Well I have the solution: You get to pick the month you celebrate your birthday each year! There are a few rules though:
1. You have to decide at the start of the calendar year what month you will be celebrating.
2. You have to celebrate on the numerical date of your actual birthday.
3. If your "new" birthday falls after your given birthday, you are not allowed to receive gifts from your immediately family on your given birthday. However, casual friends and relatives you see on a limited bases are welcome to send you well wishes and shower you with gifts.
4. If your "new" birthday falls before your actual birthday you MUST remind your immediate family and friends that you already had your birthday when your actual birthday rolls around!
5. Each year you get to choose your month to celebrate as long as you always abide by the above rules.

I am sure you are saying, "So how did Shannon inspire you to come up with thins Ingenious Idea?" Well, I am glad you ask. Shannon's birthday is Jan. 9 and Mike's birthday is Dec. 15. As you can imagine their birthdays can get lost in the holiday celebrations. Not to mention the two big holidays of the year fall within weeks of each other. So they decided their gifts to each other would be to pick anything, anytime and call it a birthday present. He chose wrestling match, she chose Vera Bradley. Now when their birthdays roll around they will still celebrate with friends and family but their gifts to each other are done.

And of course this idea wouldn't have come to mind if her idea hadn't gotten me to thinking about my own birthday. The time of year of my birthday is ok, it's May, the weather is usually nice. However, my birthday is on the 13th and it always falls on or within days of Mother's Day. Given a choice, I would spread the "special" holidays throughout the year. I doubt I could convince the nation to change Mother's Day, so I could just change when I celebrate my birthday.
This brings me to my last thought.....when is the perfect time for a birthday, or for my birthday?
January? nah, too close to Christmas
February? Valentine's Day
March? not a bad idea, but in Indiana it could mean blizzard!
April? I'll let Jaden have this month until she decides to "choose" her new birthday.
May? as I said, Mother's Day.
June? it's ok, but not much change for me.
July? ok, maybe too hot, but it would be fun to have a cookout on my birthday!
August? Max gets first dibs on this month.
September? If Shane wants to share the month I think this could be the next to perfect month.
October? This is my pick! I love the fall....I love getting the hooded sweatshirts out....I love curling up on the sofa wrapped in a blanket....I love my fleece robe!
November? Nope, this is the month for my favorite holiday.
December? Gonna leave this month for Christmas parties!

So now I bet you are thinking....why didn't I think of that idea? Well I am happy to share my idea. But just remember, if you make any money on this ingenious idea, i get royalties!

Heck, maybe I can sell this idea to Hallmark....."Happy Perfect Birthday" "Happy Choice Birthday" "Happy Unbirthday" hmmmmmm.....think I gotta work on that!


Shannon said...

So, you are telling me that I need to plan a birthday party for you NEXT MONDAY?!?! I can do one better... I ALSO pick October! I expect you to have a party for me this Thursday ;o)

Gramma J said...

Sorry Shannon, we have to follow Rule 1....and then Rule 3 has to apply too!
Nice try....but if you insist, ok, we can have a party for ME on Monday!

Max Teders said...

Oh Jeez, what a great idea. Your dad would probably love it! What would you like for your Special Birthday? As for my birthday, I wouldn't mind dropping it back a week or two to put it around Labor Day. It was fun celebrating it on Labor Day weekend this year.

fuzbukt said...

I would pick April 1 ... that way I could be an April Fool, not just a plain old fool.

Kelly said...

LOVE THIS idea!! Matt and Marissa's birthdays are 8 days apart and they get one celebration, SO, this makes sense. My actual birthday is in March, I will get to choose when my next CHOICE birthday will be!!! Yay for me! hmm...

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