Sunday, March 15, 2009

Remember Alexander?

Alexander's terrible horrible no good very bad day doesn't hold a candle to some of the days I have had lately! You know how they say things come in 3's, well the electronic 3 hit me!

1. My kiln went down right at the start of the Home & Garden Show.....I know that was couple of weeks ago, but it went on for over a week! I think we tore out the control panel of the beast at least 6 times! We replaced part after part after part.....but I am happy to say (should I say it?) we are back in operation!
2. I got a virus on my computer! This one was very sneaky......up pops a message looks exactly like the window warning shield, says WARNING: your files have been infected, recommended you run a scan immediately. Then two options, scan or ignore. I choose scan....and GOTCHA! I tried a couple programs to get rid of it, talked with geek friend in New Jersey, and then finally said, "I don't have time or desire to mess with this! I called "computer tech" (don't really know what to call him, but he knows his stuff, and is very reasonable) and took it to him. Again, I am back in operation!
3. Cable box goes out....kinda.....I have fallen in love with my DVR, I never have to watch commercials again! It still works, am able to record my shows, but the local channels just say "to be announced". So as long as I know the day, time, channel they were recorded I am fine. They are coming on Tuesday with a NEW box....not a refurbished...NEW! (Hear that Mr. Mediacom?)

After all those events, I felt really good....I am so in the more terrible horrible no good very bad days ahead for me!! :)

I think I must have celebrated the prospect of "great fantastic very good days" ahead too much because my back went out yesterday! :( I am not completely out of commission, but very close to it. I have had these back spasms before, and the only thing I can do to make it better is REST! That really isn't an option for me. I know I need to work on PREVENTION instead, but that is hard too. I am not to be lifting, period! But how frustrating is it when you know you can lift something, you know its not too heavy, (yes I do lift with my legs, learned that lesson the first time my back went out.) I have a hard time asking someone to carry something for me when I look perfectly capable!

Good days and bad days....I take them as they come and always try to make lemonade! Maybe life needs to toss me some limes so I can make Margaritas! ;)

Celebrate is oh so close!!!


fuzbukt said...

Hmmmm.... Margaritas!

They may not deaden the pain, but you sure won't care.

Go easy lifting the shaker.

Laura said...

Sorry to hear you were having a terrible horrible no good very bad day! Hope your back is feeling better. I think the margaritas are a VERY good idea!! Maybe we should make our next scrapathon a mexican-theme??!!

Max Teders said...

...And to your credit, you never once took it out on me! You may be sore as hell with electronics frying like a hillbilly's turkey but you're still my sweetie!

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