Friday, March 20, 2009

Scavenger Hunt!

It's Friday and I don't have a "Flashback Friday" (sorry, Max)
Jaden has missed a few "Miss J Mondays" (sorry Ashley)

Guess this just tells you how busy I have been! :) And my back feels much better! Just remind me "do not lift that!"

I am excited to tell you we are branching out at Bisque It! :) No, we are not getting more space, unfortunately, but we are adding CLAY! Kristen and I have been working with a Youth Group this month doing some clay building, glazing, and just playing around. It is a lot of fun and I decided everyone should have the opportunity to have this much fun!

We are starting off with some basic clay building classes. We will over different technique classes for hand building. From there we will have "Clay Days" where you can come in without reservations and play in the clay!
But the most exciting part....THE WHEEL is coming soon!! I don't know who is more excited Kristen or me. (I really am gonna work at getting Shannon excited too....get that bad experience with clay out of her head!) Kristen just finished her Bachelor Degree at IPFW in Fine Arts. Her concentration was in ceramics, heavily using the wheel. She will be giving lessons on wheel throwing.

So that brings me to my title "Scavenger Hunt"
I am in need of a few things. I need a sturdy work bench or kitchen table. It has to be sturdy as we will be using it to "knead" clay. If you have an old table/bench in your basement, garage or tucked away somewhere, I would be happy to take it off your hands! You don't even have to dust it! ;)
I also am looking for a small area rug about 6 feet x 4-6 feet. It could be a kids play rug, or a finished piece of carpet.
I will pay cash or work out something in trade. Check around, ask your friends and family.

Enjoy is finally here!!!! :)


Max Teders said...

Do not lift that.

Laura said...

The clay sounds like a lot of fun! Sarah and I tried throwing a bowl on a wheel once before and I ended up with a very nice volcano-shaped...thing. But it was a lot of fun. I'd love to try again someday with the assistance of a pro!

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