Friday, May 1, 2009

Cobwebs & Dust Bunnies!


But I am back to dust the cobwebs and play with the Dust Bunnies!

Quick April update through pictures:

We started our Clay Building Classes this month. I am LOVING the new way to "Create It at Bisque It!!!"

We celebrated Grandma Teders's birthday with a couple of Max's brothers and families.

And of course there have been many "Miss J Moments" to catch you up on!

She LOVES Ellie Mae and was so excited to get to take her for a walk. Ellie Mae was so good, she just walked along...around and around and around...

Jaden has become a pro with handprints! She sees so many kids doing their handprints at the studio, and she has had more than her share of prints made. This is her "2 year print" to add to our collection!

This is one of her new toys at the studio. She has learned to build her little city! she can play all day with this. One piece is a mirror wall, explains the second picture!

I do have one more picture to share, but I am gonna save it. Shannon and Mike gave me an early Birthday present....It is the coolest....but I will save it for my "Birthday Post"! (Shannon, you can't show 'n tell it, and gonna keep the rest of you in suspense!)
I will finish with a reading....Jaden's story of Scooby Doo! (Be sure to turn up your volume and click the play for this video!)


Shannon said...

So cute :o)

fuzbukt said...

Yo, Shannon

A little bias there?

But, hell ya, you ARE right!

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