Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's My Week!

That's right, of the 52 weeks, this one is mine!

Everyone knows Max has his "Maxmas Day". Recently Shane informed me, "September is my month!" (he is having a tough time adjusting to the fact he will have to share his month with a new niece!) So what the heck, I thought, I am gonna take one of the weeks and call it MINE!

Sunday was an absolutely wonderful Mother's Day! The kids came to our house for dinner. Shannon and I did the Kabob thing.....yummmmm!
Jaden (and Shannon and Mike) gave me the cutest book....a photo book of her this past year. Amazing to see how much she has changed. And Shane, I can't wait to go shopping...Thanks!!

After Jaden's nap, we all went to the park. Does it get any better than watching a 2 year old run from one thing to another? Or a 25 year old being a kid!?! Check out Shannon's blog for more pictures!

Also on Sunday we did a little pre-birthday celebration. "Thanks for the Slice cartridge Shannon and Mike. And Jaden....LOVE the stepping stone you made me!!" No doubt about it, Jaden is gonna be an artist, Shannon and I are making sure of that!

OH....back up a few posts, Easter post to be exact, I mentioned an early birthday present. This is so cool:

Thanks, Shannon and Mike for the decal. After getting this decal I have noticed how many people are using their vehicles for advertising! Look'll see businesses, likes and dislikes, family members, thoughts and ideas. Decals are the new bumper stickers!!

"It's My Week" continued with a little celebration yesterday. It was my 48th birthday. The girls that work for me both needed yesterday off so I had planned to "play" at the studio all day. (I can't call it work because it's too much fun!) But Kristen insisted on working a few hours. "Thanks, Kristen!" Max and I went to Flat Top Grill for lunch and then he "insisted" we go to Michael's to see what's new in scrapbooking! "Thanks for twisting my arm, Max, and thanks for the great birthday present. I finally can trash the dinosaur computer monitor and sit back and enjoy a wider cyberworld!

The week continues....tonight I am going out to dinner with Mike, Shannon, and Jaden. Maybe I can talk Jaden into a frozen yogurt treat after dinner!

One last, but not least, "Thank you" goes to Mom and Dad for the Slice cartridge. It was fun kicking off my week on Saturday with a 12 hour scrap-a-thon with Mom, Cindy, and a whole bunch of Scrap-a-holics!

So it's been a GREAT week! Between parties I have spent a lot of time in my "apartment" scrapbooking! Leesa, I will do my best to keep the hanging basket flowering!

Thanks everyone for the Birthday've made my week special!

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