Thursday, July 16, 2009

This...That....and the Other Thing

Time for some ramblin'

Wow how time it really mid-July already?!?! (ok, it is now August 1st, but you can see when I started this blog entry....just tells you how busy I have been.)

Studio Buzz
I have been staying very busy at the studio. I can honestly say my business is weathering the economic storm fairly well. This week we had a "Clay Open House" It went well, would have liked to have done better, but I think the ones that did come in to "play" had a lot of fun and surprised themselves with their artistic ability! If you have never tried making something from clay you really should come try is more fun than Play-doh! (I haven't bought any play-doh in a long time, but I am betting it is cheaper than play-doh too.)

Also at the studio I have had Kids' Camps going on almost every week. The three day camps have been a hit this summer again. Next week will be the last week for these.

Life Buzz
Max and I continue to work out daily at the Y. Erin Dove, personal trainer, has me set up with a weight program. It was nice meeting with someone that I already knew, and more importantly knew me. And she didn't run away when I told her what I wanted to do. Thanks Erin, I can't believe I am saying this, but I actually like exercising! (ok, all you jokers that fell off your chair, can get up off the floor now because I have another shocker that will have you laughing.) Next week I am starting a Yoga class. (knew you would laugh). I don't know why but I guess its just one of those things I wanna try.

and now two weeks later......
I am still busy at the studio. I am still going to the Y.
And I am going to get this entry posted so I at least have one entry for July. It's my blog, I can call it July post if I want.

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Shannon said...

Um... I only have 40 days left, not 43. Don't make this longer for me than it already is :o)

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