Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Max and I celebrated our 28th Wedding Anniversary on Saturday!

I worked the first half of the day while Max went truck shopping.....actually we had found a truck the night before and he just had to go do the paperwork. I have joked about this being his anniversary present, but I am going to let him tell you the "100 reasons" he bought a truck.

We tossed around ideas on what to do Saturday night....where do we want to go eat, what else to do? Because we go out to eat often, and we have to be picky about where, I wanted to do something different. We ended up at Lake George in Fremont. We ate at Lake George Retreat and then hit the few stores that are left at the Outlet Mall.

It was a nice time and a chance to take the BIG truck for a drive. (Big is subjective and since he has been driving the little Hyundai, this truck is BIG)

Be sure to stay tuned and tune into Max's blog for BIG truck picture!

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Shannon said...

Happy Anniversary!! :o)

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