Saturday, August 28, 2010

Forever and a day.....

Yikes!  Has it really been 3 months since I posted.
Does that tell you how busy my summer has been!  Basically it is Bisque It that has been keeping me busy...busy enought to be adding my second kiln!  YEAH!  now where do I put it???

Ok, flashback 3 months......I have to show you the flowers Shane sent me in full bloom!

Flashback to June....
Tabitha's Graduation!
Cleaned out attic....yeah, we had a FEW computers, monitors, and accessories! 
Donation to Goodwill makes for a nice tax deduction.
Took Jaden for an overnight trip to Michigan City for Linda's and Jim's anniversary party.
Gotta love the curls!
Flashback to July...
4th of July....looks to be nap time for Taylor
4th of July....there is something good about 100% humidty, it brings out the curls!
Playday with Taylor and Jaden.....looks like Taylor had to make a stop so that Jaden could text!
Hot July day at Headwater Park
Taylor wasn't too sure about the fountain sprays...
...but it did wear her out!
Girls Night out with classmates.....longtime friends are the best friends!!
well that was fun.....and it almost wraps up the summer....
stay tuned for August....just don't hold your breath!

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Shannon said...

Yea!! Love the post :o)

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