Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Best Day Ever!

Since my birthday fell during the week this year, I planned a quiet, relaxing day at home.  I knew there was a good chance Max would be out, and I was ok with that because we had a mini birthday celebration on Mother's Day.  Thanks for the new TV for my "apartment", Max!  (For those of you that are not regular readers, or have poor memories, I am referring to my scrapbooking/crafting/computer/play room.)
So you can imagine how surprised I was when this arrived at my door!

Thanks so much, Shane-O!  They are just beautiful and each day they get prettier!  I will definitely share a picture when all those pods are in full bloom!  You did good, son!!!

How can anyone pass up a free Birthday meal at Banditos?  Oh and to my surprise, Max was in for supper!  Should I thank CSX?  I would, but......he got called while we were eating so he had to miss going out for dessert.
The girls gave me a picture for my birthday.  Look closely and you can see the frame is bordered with pictures Jaden drew for me.  It will hang above the Strawberry Shortcake Kitchen in my apartment!
Thanks, Girls....LOVE IT!!!
And the gifts kept coming....Shannon and Mike got me the movie "Precious".  I have heard so much about this movie.  I know its gonna be a hard one to watch, but I have to see it!  Shannon also picked up the next book in the Blackbird Sisters Mystery Series for me.

Thanks everyone for making my day special......including Mom and Kristen that worked today so I could relax and scrap a good part of the day away.  Mom stopped by my house on her way to work to drop off a gift too!  It fit right into my plans for scrapping!  Thanks!

The BIG Chocolate Store
Our final stop was a special treat for Jaden (and Gramma J)!  This is one of Jaden's favorite places and she was so excited to take me here!

In honor of my day, Jaden had a "Happy Birthday" chocolate bar.

Taylor did her best to get some chocolate too!

Shannon and Mike's treat

Yes this was my Birthday Sundae!  Highly recommend you indulge on your birthday....and I think maybe this would be the perfect way to celebrate half-birthdays!

Oh, I did share my sundae with Taylor.....felt I needed to teach her the fine art of eating chocolate sundaes.  She was a quick learner!

And then this was the highlight of the day.....the perfect ending!!


Max Teders said...

I'm happy you had fun and the kids are so precious. Again, Happy Birthday Sweetie!!

Brenda said...

Hey ya Jenny ~ thank you for visiting my blog and leaving me kuddos. The tabs are for looks only:-) I know you will enjoy your Creative Memories programs when you get them. Feel free to contact me if you need help. I would love to create more helpful sheets from your questions. I LOVE to share.

But be careful. They are addicting:-) I have been a traditional scrapbooker for years. Digital is the way to go. So much faster and fun.

You will have a blast scrapbooking those sweet little angels in your arms.

Happy Scrapping:-)

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