Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Fabulous Mother's Day!

I probably said this last year, and I will probably say it again next year, but.........This was the Best Mother's Day ever!   But that being said, I know I have never had a bad Mother's Day.
I loved that Shane drove up just for the day......I know he had a busy weekend, but he made my day anyway.  And Shannon and Mike and the girls were here too which also made the day great!

I think we saw a picture similar to this last year.  But notice, I have new Grill Woks!  They are perfect for grilling the veggies....better than baskets or skewers! 
Jaden and Taylor lunched earlier so they could get their little naps.

Almost too pretty to eat! And so colorful!

Finished Products!
Jaden's "Rainbow" Peace Mug for Mom

Taylor's Pencil Holder for Mom

A Special Plate Taylor painted as her first Mother's Day gift. 
This goes along with the first Mother's Day gift Jaden painted.

For Gramma J

Shannon made me my 3rd Volume of "year in review".
What she has done each year for Mother's Day is put together a digital book of pictures.  Of course, the first two were of Jaden's first years.  This volume introduced Taylor to the family.
These books will always have a place on my coffee table and I will treasure them each year!!!  I love looking back through them and Jaden does too.  I can see these getting "read" over and over as the girls grow up!

Thanks everyone for making it a Special Day!

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Shannon said...

Thank YOU for making MY day special too!!

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