Friday, May 14, 2010

May flowers bring....

Some of you think May flowers bring Pilgrims (nyuk, nyuk)......but May flowers bring Mother's Day and Birthday for me!
Oh so much fun and excitement packed into one week!!  Where do I begin?


I started a Mother's Day tradition 3 years ago when Jaden painted her first surprise piece for her Mom!  In the past I have always picked a piece for her to paint, but this year I let her pick the piece, colors, was all her from start to finish!
This was Taylor's first Mother's Day painting so we got her started on the same foot, or should I say HAND!  As the following pictures show, Both girls had a lot of fun!

Taylor had a little help picking out her piece and colors.  We decided she needed something for her desk at work to show off her newest little artist!

Jaden looked and looked for something to paint.  She decided on the Peace Sign Mug.
I said, "Are you sure?"
"My mom will LOVE it!" she said. How sweet is that!  Keep in mind she could have painted a princess box, frog, mickey mouse, turtle, snake....ANYTHING.....and she picked something "her mom would love"!
She is all business when it comes to painting!
She painted "rainbows" all over the mug.  Not your traditional rainbows though.....she put several colors of paint on her brush and then in one swoop painted rainbows!  Completely her idea.
She said, "It's a beautiful day with Rainbows!  But it's too cloudy to see rainbows today." As she looked out the window.....  "LOOK, the clouds are moving!"

And after all that fun there was a little time for play!  It is just so much fun to watch little ones be creative! Jaden and Taylor are growing up with paintbrushes in hands!

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Shannon said...

I LOVED both presents!! I have them both at work and this morning at home, I was drinking my coffee out of another mug I had painted. Jaden asked where my "beautiful rainbows" mug was. I told her I had that one at work. She said, "because your friends want to see it because it's so beautiful?" You got it, babe!

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