Friday, May 7, 2010

Play Day!!

I took advantage of an afternoon off and spent some time with my two favorite little girls!
Both girls love to be outside.....Taylor especially was excited to sit in the grass! Jaden on the other hand preferred sitting on the "step".  We tried blowing bubbles but Jaden was quickly discouraged because they "went too fast!"  (It was a windy day.)

When it was time for Taylor to have supper, Jaden and I snuck off to the playground down the street! 
As you will see, she absolutely LOVED the slides!  She tried every one of them....starting small and going big.  What you don't see, thankfully, is that I had to slide with her the first time on each one except the first two.  She quickly caught on and pointedly told me, "gramma j you can stand right HERE!"  pointing to the bottom of the slide.

She really wanted to climb to the top on this ladder, but this is as high as she got.  If we had had more time I probably could have trekked up it with her.  Next time you'll get to the top, J!

FUN AFTERNOON!!!  Looking forward to many of them this summer.....days off are made for this, laundry and housework can wait!

1 comment:

Shannon said...

CUTE pictures!! They love when Gramma J visits :o)

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