Saturday, July 5, 2008

Christmas in July!

One of the Christmas presents I got for Shannon and Mom and Dad was tickets to a play at the Wagon Wheel Theatre in Warsaw. This was a little extra something for all the help they give me at the studio. Max and Mike were invited, but they passed....they don't know what they are missing!

They chose to see "Footloose" the musical. It was excellent!!! We had front row seats! I have always wanted to give the Wagon Wheel a try....just couldn't imagine how they put a play on in "the round". Always wondered, "where is backstage? actors backs to some people? what about props and scenery?" It's a pretty neat concept...and up close! Minimal scenery, but it works! And as they advertise, there is not a bad seat in the house and you are never more than 10 rows from center stage! I highly recommend the Wagon's not Broadway at the Embassy, but its half the price, so makes for a fun family night!
We are already talking about going fact before it even started Shannon said, "I want to come to another one already!" Maybe this can be an annual gift from Bisque It? Maybe this is the perfect bribe for the extra help they give me!!!
If you haven't seen the movie Footloose, starring Kevin Bacon, it is definitely a "classic" worth renting. I didn't realize how old the movie was until Shannon said she had never seen it and it isn't in their DVD collection! (I am shocked, Mike!)
You will have to read Shannon's blog to hear the rest of the story about the evening! I think it may be written into the next "Jason movie"!

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