Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Mom had her surgery on Monday and the surgeon's first word to us was "Spectacular!"

About six weeks ago they found a tumor on her kidney. This finally explained why she was feeling so run down, no appetite, in a way it was a relief to finally know what was wrong and that something could be done to fix it!
They surgery to remove the tumor and the right kidney went very well. The doctor did not see any other spots, but they did remove some lymph nodes to examine for anything microscopic. He has no reason to believe this has spread anywhere else. Prior to surgery he did a bone scan, "I don't want any surprises when I get in there," he explained. That came back good! Her liver looked good, little "beat up" but nothing of concern, just the liver of a 70 year old.
So basically the procedure was uneventful! YEAH!
There is no follow up radiation, no chemo. From here on it just looks like recovery.
And recovery is coming along fantastically....her one kidney is doing it's think very well YEAH!!
This is how things have progressed so far:
Surgery was Monday
Tuesday - clear liquid diet and they got her up walking with assistance
Today, Wednesday, day 3, she gets FOOD! REAL FOOD!
I talked to her this morning and she said wear your walking shoes, we are gonna walk the halls all day! And then while I was talking to her (9 a.m.) the nurse came in and said you can have food today at lunch time. Mom says to her, "I eat lunch at 9:15!"
Now all she has to do is get that last "bodily function" in and she can go home!

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Krista said...

yeah...I was so glad to read on Shannon's blog last night that things went so well! I guess you couldn't have asked for better news. I'm sure it's a huge relief!

Looking forward to Friday night

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