Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ice Cream Party & Jaden Weekend Fun...Fun...Fun!!!

It's been a busy weekend, but oh so fun!!!

We kicked off the fun time with a special Birthday Celebration for Baby Kate. (Since weekends are all about fun, sometimes we start our weekends early!)
The Layman family declared June 26 as "Go Eat Ice Cream Day" to commemorate their daughter's second birthday! People all across the country joined in the celebration!

We were honored to be a part of this rememberance. Grab a tissue and check out Krista's blog to see a slide show of the ice cream celebration. You can also meet Kate at a special family vacation.....what an adorable little girl!!!

As you can see Jaden enjoyed the ice cream day...it will be an annual celebration for us!

You can read Shannon's blog to get the complete story of our Ice Cream Celebration! And, no, she is not getting the other pictures!

Thanks, Krista, Kate's memories will live forever in everything you do!

Weekend at Gramma & Grampa's
Shannon and Mike were in a wedding this past weekend, so we had the pleasure of keeping Jaden. (Sorry we couldn't make the wedding, Dannielle.)
I picked Miss J up at 4:00 on Friday......and made the return drop on Sunday at 10 am.
Friday night was just fun time with Gramma J, gramps was working. And Jaden was having so much fun, bedtime wasn't a priority for her! She finally gave in about 10:30, but wanted to make the most of the weekend so she was up at 6:30 Saturday morning! My eyes do not open that early.....the coffee doesnt start perking until 7:30. So I had a little talk with Miss J, we compromised with cartoons in gramma's bed!

Saturday I had to work at the studio for a little bit so Jaden spent a little time with Aunt Cindy and Gramma Pat! I think she had her first lesson in scrapbooking....and from the looks of the scrapbook room it looked like flowers were her favorite thing. She had Cindy's jars of flowers lined up across the room.
After a nice nap Saturday afternoon, we went to a graduation party for Kaleb. Jaden absolutely loved being outside. They had a tent set up in the front of their house and then another behind the house. Miss J made laps from one tent to another.... tugging on anyone's hand that was willing to walk with her. She found two little girls that were willing to go wherever she wanted.
I visited with friends I hadn't seen in years....was a nie afternoon.
After all that fresh air, Jaden crashed early Saturday night and slept 12 hours!!!
You know Jaden is sleeping soundly when you see her like this!!
Sidenote: Notice she is in a big bed!! She has outgrown the Pack'n'Play and figured it wouldnt be worth buying a baby bed or toddler bed, so we made our own transition bed. We have just the mattress on the floor, no boxsprings, and using a regular bed rail. Cutest thing is, when she wakes up she stands at the bed rail like she does her crib. How long will it be before she figures out she can crawl around that bedrail and onto the floor? We are prepared for that though, we have a gate at her doorway so that she cant tumble down the stairs!

I get a text message at 7:30 Sunday morning...."you up" Shannon texts. I give her a call, shocked that she is up so early after big wedding celebration saturday night.
Shannon says, "I miss my baby!"
"Hmmmm....I thought you and Mike had ran away," I hadn't heard from either one all weekend. Of course I had to give them a hard time!
It was a fun long weekend.....and can't wait to do it again. Your room will be ready for July 12, Miss J!!

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