Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Back to School

Yes, I have gone back to school....not as a teacher, but as a student. I am taking a web design course through continuing studies at IPFW. Shannon built my website and has maintained it from the beginning....and has done an excellent job, I might add. I have always wanted to help with changes and updates from the beginning. Of course Shannon offered to give me a crash course...but I know how busy she is. (Thanks, Shannon) When I found this continuing ed course I thought it was the perfect opportunity. Don't leave me high and dry, Shannon, I still will need your help, I am sure!

Tomorrow I have my second class of three. I am really enjoying it and am already looking to find my next course. Anyone out there want to take a Photoshop class with me?

Also coming up this week is our annual Scrappin' the Night Away!! Of course I am sure you all have been watching the countdown clock here on my website.

Hey be sure to take my survey. Just curious how many of you have started your Christmas shopping. I usually wait until the first of December, but am trying to shop early. Shannon is my inspiration to "beat the crowds". That and the fact that my business is crazy busy from now to the end of the year that I just don't want to stress with shopping and business.
Hey, Shane, did you read that? I am doing my Christmas shopping early....get your list to me!! Ashley, give him a kick start, and I need your list too. ;)

One final word: Thanks to all the Veterans!

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