Monday, December 8, 2008

Miss J Monday

I am such a sweet little girl....I can find a corner and entertain myself while Gramma J does her work!

Look close and you can see what I did!!!

Oooops....I forgot one small detail...THE PAPER!
We both learned a lesson today....I will always get paper or coloring book out and Gramma will always look and see what I am doing when I am so quiet. *giggle**giggle*
Oh, gramma wants to know if anyone has a helpful hint on how to get crayon marks off the floor.
Now it's time for me to take a nap....Nighty, night....or as grampa says, "day, day!"


Shannon said...

OH NO!!! Sorry :o)

Gramma J said...

Sorry, Shannon, this is one masterpiece of Jaden's that we can not save, unless you want Steve to come over and take out the tile and replace with a new one! ;)

Max Teders said...

I'm blameless! Artistic creativity is not in my portion of the gene pool!

Krista said...

Mr. Clean Magic's one of my best friends!! It is crazy how well it works!

but hey...better your place than mine!!

Pat said...

I think she did a good job and I would just leave it there. Time will pass and it will fade away. Maybe you don't remember when you were little, you and your brother and your sister were the artists who decorated Gramma Helen's sheets and pillow cases (with Magic Marker or Sharpies in all colors). What goes around comes around.

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