Friday, December 12, 2008

Flashback Friday!

This week I am going to flashback to some of the kids past birthdays.

As you can see this is Shane's 21st birthday. Shane hasn't changed much, but Ashley has! I don't know if you can tell, but the cake is decorated with a big draft beer! Nice job with the decorating Shannon!

Now that same year, just 8 months earlier, Shannon and Dereck celebrated their birthdays together. Shannon you definitely have changed! Seems the guys just don't change much.
We went all out on the cake decorating for you two, didn't we! Maybe that explains why when Shane's birthday rolled around you decided to step up and be our cake decorator!
And just a year later, looks like Shannon again decided to take the cake decorating bag in her own hands and made a cake her and Dereck could both be proud of! But look close, it looks like we had a special birthday guest that year.....cake says, "Happy Birthday, Dereck, Shannon, and Dave Matthews!" Dead give away that Shannon definitely did the decorating this year. (yes, Shannon and Dave share the same birthday.)
But tell cake wasn't enough???? we had to throw in not one but two more cakes. Guess that confirms we had a big party, but then would you expect less with Dave as our Special Guest!!
And one last picture I ran across....I just could not exclude. This was Shannon's birthday this year, (January '08). And who do you think decorated this gorgeous Cupcake Cake????
I know everyone is saying, Shannon..........WRONG!!!
I surprised Shannon and made this for her. and even gave her the cake pan as a birthday present!
one final thought.....
Happy Birthday to all those that celebrate their birthdays during the hectic holiday!

1 comment:

Shannon said...

I love your flashback!!

Hey Shane, let's count the pictures... Shane: 1, Shannon: 4!! Who's the favorite now?

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