Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year....and A Very Merry Christmas!

First things first.....Another Christmas to remember....and I always make sure it is remembered by taking tons of pictures!

We started off Christmas morning by going to Fort Wayne to watch Jaden open her presents from Santa! She was really excited, but a bit overwhelmed too!!

Jaden and I found a bit of time to play with one of the gifts Santa brought her! And of course the books were one of her favorite presents!

After the morning with Jaden it was back to our house to have Christmas with the kids!

Jaden painted an ornament for everyone....Ashley and Shane are admiring her artistic talent!

And Jaden was just as pleased with one of the gift that Uncle Shane and Ashley got her! A giant MagnaDoodle.....FUN!!!! (well giant size to her since the one she has is pocket size.)After a light lunch and Jaden's nap, we headed to mom and dad's for another Christmas celebration!
Look what Gramma Pat and Grampa Wayne got for Miss J:

Of course George was the first to get a ride!!! By Spring she will be able to reach both pedals and zipping up and down the sidewalk!

That is a quick glimpse at our Christmas Day. Add to that a Ridenour Christmas, Bartels Christmas, and Teders Christmas over the past 3 weeks and that should explain why I haven't had time to blog.

And if that wasn't enough to keep me busy....I had record sales at the studio for November and December!! :) Jaden has also been very busy at the studios on Mondays getting her Christmas presents painted! She couldn't do her Miss J Mondays because that would have given away the surprises!
And because she was such a giving person making so many gifts at home (she painted a wooden picture frame for us!) and at the studio, we fit in a day of painting just for fun. As you can see George looked on as she paint a replica of him! It is all business when she paints!

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Holiday too!!

Happy New Year......2009.......Enjoy!!!


Max Teders said...

Happy New Years (again) sweetie!!

Laura said...

Sounds like you have a terrific holiday season, both at home and at the studio. ENJOY!

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