Monday, January 12, 2009

Miss J Monday

Finally I am back and have some time to do my weekly blog.

I spent Saturday night with Gramma and Grampa...we had a lot of fun! The best part was when I found an "Arthur" book on Gramma J's bookshelf! You can see how much I enjoyed it! I love to find a hideaway to enjoy my books.

(Note from Gramma J: I saw this Kodak moment and ran for my camera. Grampa Max was watching football, and as you will hear, a loud commercial came on. But disregard the not-so-subliminal Subway message, and enjoy a reading by Miss J.)

Gramma Ina is in Florida now so I am going to be spending my Fridays with Gramma J. It will be fun because I am going to her house. I like it at the studio, but at Gramma's house I can play with Lucy and scrapbook with Gramma. She has a table just for me in her computer/scrap room! Here is a picture of me coloring a picture at my little table. I sure hope Gramma puts this in my scrapbook!


Shannon said...

Aww! That's my little bookworm!

Laura said...

The video is absolutely precious, and her pigtails are so cute!

Pat said...

Jaden, can you come read "Argur" to me some Friday when you are spending the day in Garrett? That would be fun. Have a good day, from Pat

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