Friday, January 30, 2009

Flashback Friday!

Ready to jump in the time machine.....going back a couple decades!

I finally found time to playing with a new toy I got for Christmas.

And I can tell right now I am going to have endless hours of fun with this little contraption!

Max got me a film and slide digital converter. This converts 35mm slides and negative to digital files! I have boxes of negatives....and I do have many of the pictures developed. But what better way to keep memories than digital!
I just grabbed a couple of envelopes of negs to try out this toy. Here are a few pictures I found!
I haven't figured out what year they were taken. Hairstyles say 80's, what else do the styles say? I am gonna leave that up to you! ;)

These first two pictures were taken at King's Island. Talk about style! wow!
As if the hat and glasses weren't enough....check out this next has FASHION written all over it!!

As you can see it was taken in Las Vegas.....again, not sure what year, but one thing is for sure it was quite a few pounds ago!! ;)

Oh, and notice the fanny pack again! And try to look past the "under-the-bust" pants! hehehe

Well I hope you all enjoy the little walk down memory lane....and if you laughed at the styles it only means you have pictures like these at home too.


Shannon said...

HAHAHAHA!!!!! Oh my gosh, I have TEARS!! You had quite the collection of fanny packs! What am I gonna look back at and laugh about?? HAHAHAHA!!!

fuzbukt said...

I get it! You went to Circus Circus, ran away with a clown (the guy in a red shirt) and life has been a circus ever since.

Welcome to my world!

Hey, Max ;)

Max Teders said...

Jeez, Our secret is out!

Laura said...

I LOVE these photos! I can't laugh though, because I think I had the very same fanny pack!!! These pictures hit a little too close to home.

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