Sunday, August 3, 2008

Anniversary Weekend continues

It's nice to have personal holidays fall on a you an excuse to relax, celebrate, and just have fun.

After our big day on Friday, Max and I rested up so we could continue the party on Saturday.

We went to Chain 'O Lakes State Park on Saturday with Shannon and Jaden.

Jaden has never had the chance to go we thought it would be fun to show her how to really have fun!!!

We started off with an old-fashioned picnic lunch! YUMMY!

After that we venture into the water....sloooooooowly.....she just wasn't too sure about this whole thing.
She did splash around a bit at the shore, dig a bit in the sand, and even headed for deep waters with gramma J.
I think her favorite part though was just walking...and walking....and walking around the area. Her and Grampa Max took off on a nice little trek, wore her out and she had to be carried back!

It was a lot of fun.....nice and relaxing.....those are the best of days!

We finished off the 2-day celebration with a trip to the mall and dinner at Friday's....Mike joined us for this!

Thanks, kids, for helping us celebrate our anniversary!! And Shane, thanks for giving us a best thing to you being here!

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