Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy 27th!

We are celebrating our 27th anniversary this weekend!

Friday was our anniversary and we went out on the town....wait until you hear about our exciting celebration!

We started out at Don Hall's Factory.....excellent meal. I had prime rib and Max opted for grilled pork chops with apple topping. Yummy from start to finish.

We walked off our dinner at the bookstore (I told you this was exciting). We used to spend about an hour in the bookstore and then another 10 minutes finding each other when we were ready to go. Now we spend an hour and a half since we added browsing through the children's section!

While there we got the bargain of all bargains.....well not surprising since it was in the bargain section, but we found cloth baby books in the bargain racks. In case you don't know, the cloth books are wonderful for babies, but they can be expensive too at about $15 a book. Kate's Kart is always in need of cloth books, so I make a quick call to Krista, "how many you want me to get, they are 3, 4, and 5 dollars," I told her. "Get them all," she said!

See how exciting a bookstore can be!

You might think that is enough for one night, but nope the night was still young. We made a quick after-hours stop at the studio, loaded up the kiln, and then on to more celebrating!

Last stop was Dunkin Donut! Envious, aren't ya? We toasted our anniversary with an Iced Latte! sluuuuuuuurp! I do have to say we went for the Lite Latte, skim milk and splenda. But splurged with the chocolate and whipped cream, only because we were celebrating!

From there it was time to head home......that is more excitement then anyone should have in one day. But, as I mentioned at the beginning we are celebrating our anniversary this WEEKEND so there is more to come on Saturday....Stay tuned!!

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Krista said...

Happy Anniversary Jenny & Max! So glad Kate's Kart could be a part of your anniversary for me and Andy...we loaded the Kart at Lutheran w/ new books!

Can't wait to hear the rest of the story!

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