Friday, August 8, 2008


When I was a kid there were certain things I couldn't wait for, going to sleep at night was next to impossible.... events that come to mind: Christmas, my birthday, the first day of school, Easter, Cedar Point, summer vacation with Lantz's, Thanksgiving at Gramma Pauline's

Well I still have that feeling of ANTICIPATION when a special event is getting close....and the night before, forget it, I just don't sleep well. (how many adults will admit they get excited, like a kid at Christmas, in anticipation of a special day.)
Right now I am having that feeling of anticipation for a few special "events" coming up.

Next Friday I am gonna have a "Scrappin' Good Time". Our monthly gathering is gonna be at the studio this month. (If you aren't a scrapbooker, don't even try to understand why this is something to look forward to.) I have been eagerly awaiting this since our last get together at Shannon's house. I believe there are going to be 8 of us scrapping that day, until the wee hours! 7 days and counting...Fun Times!!!

Another event that has me singing "Anticipa-a-tion" is our family vacation to the Smoky Mountains! I have had this on my countdown calendar since we made the reservation in April. (Yes, I really do have a countdown calendar on my computer. I put in the date and it keeps me updated on how many days until the "big event") Max and I along with Shannon, Mike, & Jaden, and Shane & Ashley will be spending 4 days in a luxury cabin complete with 3 Jacuzzis, a hot tub, pool table, movie theater room, and a beautiful mountain view. Not hard to understand why I am looking forward to this, is it? 20 days and counting.....Family Fun Time!!!

Of course I still get excited the closer it gets to Christmas....139 days and counting!

We are all kids at heart.....what are you anticipating?


Krista said...

I too am excited about Friday...I told Andy I'm dropping my stuff off early...and I'm outta here the minute he gets home!

Scrappin' with friends just brings scrappin to a whole new level!

Max Teders said...

I thought it was about my birthday coming up!

fuzbukt said...

Better get started on the map.

Folks, embarrass Jen and ask her about her maps!

Shannon said...

Oh gosh... If this is the map I saw last time you took a trip, we might have to tell Shane and Ashley they have to drive their own car because there won't be any room in yours because of your HUGE map!!

I'm looking forward to Friday!!! Gonna get my stuff together on Wednesday :o) Also SUPER excited about our trip!

Pat said...

You think you get excited! Ha ... I'm a great-gramma and I get excited! Especially when it is anything to do with spending time with my family. And then, put scrappin' on top of that .. WOW!! I ain't slept since you invited me and I started getting ready last Friday. Your dad is gonna have a fit if his golf shirts arn't washed, but I ain't got time for laundry and housework when I have more important things to get ready. AND ... on top of that ... I'm taking his truck so I can haul my stuff to the BIG EVENT (he doesn't know that).

Shannon said...

Update your blog!!!

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