Sunday, August 24, 2008

Where's Waldo?

Ok I promised some pictures from our monthly "Scrappin' the Night Away". (Did any one else get pictures of the night, for some reason my pictures are very dark. Would appreciate you sending your pictures to me.) As you can see we pretty much took over the studio! Mom and Cindy joined us this month. Of course it was and very productive! I think Shannon got the award for ringing the bell the most! How many pages did you do, Shannon?

Krista gets the award for staying the longest Friday night....I think it was 1:00 when we locked the door!
Mom, I will give you the earlybird award....and the most hours logged. Let's see she started about 9 am on Friday, and it was 5:00 when she packed up on Saturday! Just think how long she could have went if she wasn't still recovering from major surgery!
Cindy, we vote you the scrapper with the most......most scrappin tools and gadgets.
Laura was real close to Shannon on number of pages scrapped, but I am giving her the award for best contribution to the food table......can't beat a good chewy chocolate brownie!
And I can't stop without giving myself an award, so I am going to get the award for cutest subject on scrapbook pages! Anyone want to guess who that might be? ;) (Krista and Laura sure have cuties too!)
I am already looking forward to next months scrap-a-thon!
Cya on the 19th, girls! :)


Shannon said...

Um... excuse me, but I think I had the cutest subect scrapped... wait, I think we scrapped the same little cutie ;o) BTW, 14 pages on Friday, 4 on Saturday.

Hey Krista... still waiting on that salsa recipe!!

Looking forward to another all-night scrap-a-thon!! But first, YEA FOR VACATION IN 3 DAYS!!

Max Teders said...

Hey, no one told me that there would be food! And brownies? Who wants to go with me to Archivers?!!

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