Friday, June 13, 2008

Count 'Em.....

In my previous entry I mentioned how we packed and unpacked our vehicle at least a dozen times......ok, here's the story!

I forgot to mention another reason for our trip to Indy was to deliver and pick up kitchen tables from Fort Wayne to Carmel to Indy.
Shannon and Mike bought a like-new kitchen table from her friend in Indy, who just moved to their new place in Carmel (or that area, it all blends together for me.) She had not been able to get there to pick it up. Well when Shane heard Shannon was getting rid of her table he grabbed it. (This table has been around awhile.....Max and I bought it shortly after getting married, Shannon and Shane have had it at various apartments and homes over the years.) Up until this weekend Shane and Ashley had been using a small patio table for their kitchen table......remember the days when you took anything to fill your first apartment.
Ok, ready to count?

1. We packed the table from Shannon's house on Thursday night then loaded our weekend luggage on top and around it. (For some reason Max and I cannot travel light. We have two suitcases, one cooler, one snack bag, one "my stuff" bag, one breathing machine of max's)
2. First stop, Shane and Ashley's apt in indy....unpack car completely to get the table and chairs out.
3. Repack our vehicle with luggage, etc.
4. Friday arrive at Days Inn, unpack vehicle.
5. Saturday, pack car leave Days Inn.
6. Arrive Jameson Inn, Castleton, unpack car.
7. Sunday, leave Jameson Inn, pack car.
8. Stop at Jackie's (shannon's friends) unpack car.
9. Load Shannon's new table and chairs and repack car.
10. Arrive at Shannon and Mike's, unpack car and their table and chairs.
11. Repack our luggage into car.
12. Arrive home, unpack car!
and throughout the trip we accumulated a few bags from our shopping! :)

Now you know the rest of the story!!

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