Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Where to start....What to say......

Maybe I should start by explaining the title to my blog....I fell in love all over again!
Anyone that is a gramma knows exactly what I mean! That's right......having a grandchild is like falling in love all over again, and you all know what a great feeling that is ;) Guess that pretty much explains that. But rest assured that is not the end of it. You are going to hear a lot about "life as a gramma!"

So what is blogging exactly? a diary without a key? a personal journal for the world to see? a place to vent? a place to entertain? Well since it is pretty new to me I will go will all of the above and follow the example of the two people that got me started, Shannon and Krista.

Shannon has been blogging for some time now, I just never really understood what she was doing.....thought it was one of those "kid things". And Krista, she is an amazing person who I have just recently gotten to know, (more later about how I met Krista), but who will be a friend forever. So you two "pros" have to help me out here!

Have I officially become a geek now? (my friend in New Jersey would be proud). Have I embarrassed you yet, Shannon? (you know I will eventually, sorry, mom's are suppose to do that!)

Oh I think this is gonna be fun!


Krista said...

Yeah...I'm so excited. Be careful...this blogging world can be addictive...good things for us late night owls I guess'

Can't wait to see what exciting stuff you have to say

Congrats on the blog...I'm impressed with all your links already.

Shannon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shannon said...

Just remember that I have a blog too so if you embarrass me... Oh, the stories I could tell!!

Shannon said...

TAG! You're IT now :o)

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