Saturday, June 21, 2008

There's more than PAINTING at Bisque It!

I don't know if you are going to laugh or throw up after reading this!!!

You know I do birthday parties at the studio......and for the most part they are manageable with parents that are responsible, loving, caring, helpful, etc.

The following names have been changed to protect whoever needs protecting.

Today's party was a bit different to say the least! Now I am not saying this parent was not responsible, loving, or caring. The birthday girl "Mary" was very sweet and she had two VERY active siblings. (one boy and one girl, about 6 and 7 yrs old, i am guessing, we'll call them Susie and Johnny.) Only one of her friends showed up for the party, but that seemed to be ok with Mary. The two young siblings were not extremely interested in painting. The have more funny beating up on each other and screaming "MOM!" She finally sent them outside to play! (Who am I to judge responsibility?)
At one point Susie runs in and says Johnny is in the dumpster!!
Mom laughs.....doesn't phase her. I am thinking, "this dumpster is about 6 feet tall and GROSS!!"
Next thing I know they are both inside again, beating on each other, running around. I tell them, loud enough that mom can hear, that they need to find a chair, and not be running!
Back outside they go....and this time birthday girl, the one friend and her little sister go outside with them. That leaves mom inside painting along with the friend's mom who is also painting.'s quiet....we are all enjoying it! I figured they knew where their kids were, they let them be outside, they are the parents.
(If you have a weak stomach you might want to stop reading now.)
Five minutes later...........3 or 4 of the kids come running in....."Johnny is in the dumpster again and he is EATING A PIZZA!!!!"
WHAT?? I say!
Mom's comment: chuckles, and says, "He is my wilderness child!"
At this point I have to say something. "Do you realize that is a huge dumpster with all kinds of garbage from the pizza place? I am not even sure how he was able to climb in there!"
She kinda shrugs and tells the kids to go tell Johnny to get out of the dumpster!
At this point I think maybe it is time to finish the clean up....painting is done, presents opened, birthday cookie ate. (Oh, another note about Johnny, he helped try and blow out the trick candles and ended up spitting all over the giant cookie!!! I don't know if anyone saw this but the mom was sure to announce it to everyone! Wasn't hard for me to turn down their offer to a piece of the birthday cookie!)
Well this was my entertainment for the day.....fortunately no other customers in the studio at the time!
Don't think this is the norm for our parties......99% of the time they are a great time for all and not a disruption to other painters. Guess we have to throw in the outrageous on occasions just to check our sanity and patience!!


Krista said...

that is hilarious...not aren't you glad you are blogging so that you have a forever memory of that special day! I don't know what is more appalling eating out of the dumpster....or the fact she sent them outside 20 ft from a major road!

See ya tomorrow!

Shannon said...

I agree Krista!

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