Thursday, June 12, 2008

Getaway Weekend!

Don't ya just love the sound of that? Sure is nice to just getaway from it all and relax. Max and I did that this past weekend. We spent 3 days in Indy. The Vintage Indiana Wine Festival was going on downtown so I twisted Max's arm and that was our main purpose. We wanted to take Shane and Ashley, but Shane was in a wedding that weekend. Max is not a wine drinker......much rather have his Diet Pepsi! But he liked the idea of R&R. The festival was downtown so I thought we would splurge and book a hotel downtown within walking distance of the festival and anything else we might like to do downtown.

We got there Friday afternoon.......checked into the Days Inn downtown, old hotel but then downtown Indy is old. The place was clean, tv worked, a/c worked....what more do you want? We walked the downtown area Friday afternoon.....late lunch at Hard Rock Cafe, window shopping, hit Border's downtown.....neat layout in an old building. Of course we didn't have any problem killing a coupla hours there...........picked up a pop-up book for Miss J (adding to a collection we are keeping at Gramma's) and found a cloth book for Kate's Kart too! Max and I decided every time either of us went to a bookstore we would grab a book for the Kart! (Krista, we go to the bookstore's Max's second favorite shopping stop, second to Sam's Club).

Anyway, Friday was fun......longer walk through the downtown than we thought, but we can now cross "exercise" off our list (like that was on our weekend to do list).

It stormed Friday evening......still storming Saturday morning. Wine Festival started at 11 am and as we were having continental breakfast it didn't look like it was ever gonna quit raining. The event was under tents, so a little drizzle and sprinkles would have been ok, but we are talking about a downpour that morning!!

I figured the Wine Festival was not gonna happen...bummer.....throw away the $40 we spent on tickets....double bummer. Back at the room I was looking on the Internet for something else to do and it seemed everything was north side of the city. I suggested we change hotels, and stay up north, find something we can do inside where it was dry! So I cancel Saturday nights reservation, booked a room at another place up in Castleton area and we pack our bags. (oh, i will have to tell you the story of how we packed and unpacked our vehicle 12 times during this weekend).

By the time we got to the new motel, unpacked, settled in and planning our days activities the sun came out! So, yep, you guessed it.......we headed back downtown to the Wine Festival.

The festival was at the White River State Park, nice grassy, tree lined park in the heart of Indy. But with all the rain ground was soaked and with all the people we basically were sloshing around in mud! But after a few wine samples the mud didn't seem to matter much!

Did you know there are at least 21 wineries in Indiana? I was surprised.....and even more surprised at the variety of wines. We sampled a wide variety, found i liked the sweet wines the best. And wouldn't you know it, my favorite sample of the day was a Grapefruit wine made at a winery in Carmel, and they don't sell outside of their winery. Shane and Ashley have been given the name, address, phone number, and instructions to be sure and pick me up a bottle on their way home! It was a fun time.....relaxing......and am inviting the whole fam damily next year.....its even kid friendly!

Sunday we met up with Shane and Ashley for brunch.........nice to visit with them for awhile before heading north. Oh and we even had a chance to get a whole bunch of kisses from Frank! He is getting longer too!!

It was a nice relaxing weekend! Looking forward to out next getaway to the Smoky Mountains with the time!!!

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Krista said...

yeah for relaxing weekends...even with multiple packing and unpacking! So glad you both had a fun deserving!

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